5 January 2023

Incorrect casts

The cast plays an important role in the Ponseti method. When it is applied, a doctor corrects a foot/feet of a child. However, it is not […]
28 November 2021

The shape of the plaster cast does matter

The Ponseti method is not just a plaster cast „somehow” put on. This is a cast very PRECISELY put on. To be a correct one, the […]
4 April 2020

How soon clubfoot treatment should begin?

The answer to this question seems to be quite obvious: immediately! Such information can be found in many articles on the Internet, they are repeated by […]
29 March 2020

How to clean the Mitchell boots?

Sometimes the parents wonder, asking us, is any possibility to clean the Mitchell boots? We answer: of course! Get know how to do it correctly!
25 March 2020

How to choose the right boot size?

In our opinion MITCHELL BOOTS are currently the best boots for maintaining clubfoot correction. Size selection is not simple and obvious, however, and causes a lot […]
24 March 2020

How to measure the clubfoot properly?

Choosing the right boot size for the brace is not obvious. However, to choose the right size, you must remember about many important factors, without which […]