Awareness makes quality.

The way we approach building knowledge about clubfoot and improving the quality of treatment for this deformity
it consists in a precise and comprehensive explanation of intricate content, creating effective solutions for parents while treating a child, consistent pursuit of a goal.

We follow children with clubfoot, walking in front of them and meeting their needs.

When we started our activity in 2016 with the Clubfoot Polska initiative, the knowledge of congenital clubfoot in our country was at a low level. There was no good and credible side from which parents as well as doctors and physiotherapists could derive correct knowledge about the defect and treatment – the Ponseti method. We decided to change it once, and effectively. The result of our learning, exploring, observing, analyzing and consulting is this website, which has changed 3 times over the years to ensure that the information it contains is of the highest quality. And real.

We observed in the small parenting community on Facebook around this defect that there is a lack of elementary knowledge about the defect and the Ponseti method. In most cases, children used poor quality equipment to maintain correction, and relapses often occurred due to a lack of awareness of what a derotation splint is and how it is used. High-quality derotation splints and boots were difficult to obtain and very expensive. We were flooded by a wave of poor treatment, ending in invasive surgery that was not and is not necessary.

Also in the medical community, we discovered gaps in elementary knowledge and approach to the treatment of this deformity, which resulted in improper treatment and complications. Thanks to the knowledge we inject into parents, the approach of doctors of various specializations is also changing

Reliability. Precision.

Our value is reliability and precision. This forms the basis for us to build knowledge.
The current website is the 3rd version (in Poland) of the portal about congenital clubfoot, which is based on medical and scientific sources concerning this disorder and the Ponseti method.
The website is based on the original publication by Dr. Ignacio Ponseti: “Congenital clubfoot. Fundamentals of treatment.”, originally published in 1996 and re-edited in 2000.
We are also in contact with many doctors in the world, for whom Ponseti’s method has no secrets.
We continually ensure that the site contains the maximum up-to-date information, references to valuable medical research and studies. This makes it probably the best source of information about congenital clubfoot and its non-invasive treatment – the Ponseti method.

Strong community.

The best support for a parent is the other parent (“parent to parent support”), who naturally accompanies the entire treatment process, sharing experience, advice and attention. We create an active support group for parents of children with clubfoot in Poland, providing knowledge about the deformity and treatment there, which is even more extensive than the basic information contained on the website. In the parenting group, you will find the development of many topics, their in-depth justification, extension and concrete examples. There you will also find tips, opinions and meet special parents!


We organize World Clubfoot Day – a big national meeting for families with children with congenital clubfoot, where parents can meet, talk, exchange experiences, spend time together and learn something interesting in the process. During the Covid-19 pandemic, these meetings have moved to online reality. Because being together is important to us.


Creating local, small communities gives us joy, which is why we organize local meetings for parents of children with congenital clubfoot, during which parents can meet other parents from the area, talk, exchange experiences, spend time together and learn something interesting at the same time. And good coffee connects people!
During the Covid-19 panedia, these meetings were suspended until further notice.

We motivate. We monitor.

We try to motivate doctors to be interested in the original method of treatment – the Ponseti method, not its “version”.
We work with those doctors who have undergone full training at the Ponseti International Association in Iowa (USA).
We monitor their treatment and progress, observing the effects of treatment in our group.
We draw conclusions. We share them. We listen to problems. Sometimes we look for solutions together.
We build.

We patronize.

Availability of high quality equipment to maintain correction after the first stage of treatment is important to us. In Poland, the first shop online with Mitchell boots and Mitchell braces, ADMs and other accessories useful during treatment of a child with clubfoot has been established. The shop online is an official and C-Pro Direct authorized distributor of good equipment for children with this condition.
And although the store is not a part of our Foundation, it is fully in line with our goals.
The Foundation has taken the honorary patronage over the Clubfoot Factory shop.

We cooperate.

Collaboration with other like-minded organisations motivates us to continually develop. Together with many European countries, we form a community to improve the quality of treatment for children with congenital clubfoot in Europe. We learn from and inspire each other. We strive to find optimal solutions.

We support.

We support the young initiative Clubfoot Serbia, which works with great love and commitment to improve the quality of treatment of children with clubfoot in Serbia. We support them substantively, graphically and sometimes also materially.

One idea.

We make sure that children wear appropriate footwear that follows their natural development of the foot. This applies to all children, therefore we promote ideas related to barefooting, i.e. walking barefoot or in shoes that do not restrict foot movements. We consider these shoes as a value, as well as supporting the natural development of the little foot. We work with specialists who constantly acquire knowledge, pass it on and thus change the health of little feet.

Quality that changes.

It is impossible to list all the things we do. There are many of them. Some are as tiny as a raindrop. But we know that as raindrop by raindrop drills the rock and changes its shape, so our actions are changing the perception of congenital clubfoot by parents, professionals. Since 2016, we have changed a lot in our country – we can see the effects of these changes every day and monitor them. We draw conclusions from our actions, optimizing them and adapting them to the needs of parents of children with the defect, children and those who treat these children.

We surround ourselves with incredible people to achieve incredible results. We learn from the best and learn from their experience. We are innovative because we believe that it is worth doing our best to educate parents about treatment and responsibility. Every day we are motivated by the healthy feet of children and the feeling that we can achieve anything if we really want it. We are convinced that only those who are authentic and act responsibly can achieve lasting success in the long term.

The change made is our merit.

Our activity is possible by your donation.


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