Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.

Erich Fromm


According to the words of Erich Fromm, every day we give children with congenital clubfoot an unlimited amount of our care, attention, interest. Every day we talk to parents of children with “curved foot”, dispelling their sorrows, worries, doubts. We are often like a port to which ships on a weary voyage sail. We know very well how much we inputs us to do our best and “to bend over backwards” in the name of children’s healthy feet. But… we get incredible happiness and satisfaction from it, when more children are treated better and when they come to us on their own, straight feet.
Helping others reduces stress in us. Helping others reduces the risk of depression and, in a somatic way, reduces pain. What is more, acting for others, and not just for oneself, stimulates the so-called “reward system” in the brain, causing the release of dopamine, the happiness hormone. To put it simply: by helping others, we feel happiness, satisfaction and contentment, we become a little more relaxed. What could be more beautiful than the smile of the gifted?

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Ignacio Ponseti Foundation is a charity organization initiated by the parents of a child with congenital clubfoot, acting for the benefit of children with this defect, but also caring for everyone who contributes to the dissemination of knowledge about the defect and the Ponseti method.

We believe that every child with clubfoot can have healthy, fully functional feet.
We also believe that each of these children can have access to the best medical care and optimal treatment.

The way we approach building knowledge about clubfoot and improving the quality of treatment for this deformity
is to precisely and comprehensively explain the intricate content, to create effective solutions for parents during their child’s treatment, and to consistently realize the goals.

We follow the children with clubfoot, at the same time going before them and meeting their needs.

We believe if the treatment of clubfoot is to get better
it will only be accomplished through informed and committed parents
and qualified doctors, full of passion and empathy.
Only then is a high-quality treatment created.

Helping is easy!

Nowadays it is very easy to help. Just two or three clicks and you’re done! Done! Well, yes… in theory and in our dreams. Technology offers many opportunities to help in a way that is effective and as unobtrusive as possible. To make a donation, you have many options available to you below.


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All persons, companies and institutions willing to help us, please make a payment to one of our bank accounts::

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